Oriental Cat

Oriental Shorthair Cat Do you know this breed of cat?

Although the oriental cat is not well-known, it can still be seen with the naked eye and has different characteristics than other cats.

Her long, sharp face and large, open ears make an Oriental short-haired or long-haired catunique.

They hide many other things. We will reveal them while showing you the diversity this breed has to offer.

Oriental Cat Character

First, oriental cats don’t like being alone. They can also suffer from anxiety.

They are calm cats and depend on their owners.

They are curious, stubborn, and will not stop until they find it.

What is the origin of the oriental short-haired cat?

They were imported from Thailand. For many years it was considered Siamese catstrue. This current version is a copy of the originals, according to some sources.

Persian catits geographic origin with the Oriental cat. They were rejected because of their unique features.

These cats were selected by American breeders in 1968 for more selective breeding. This further enhanced their form. In the middle of 1970s, it was officially recognized as a breed.

What are the characteristics of the Oriental cat ?

The cat’s unique characteristic is its wedge-shaped head. The shape begins at the nose, and slowly grows to straighten out towards the back of the ears.

His nose is long and his forehead is almost straight.

Their neck is oblong and their ears protrude more than most cats. Their eyes are slightly longer and their color is light green with turquoise undertones. His tail has a very short, soft fur.

What are the colors of oriental cats?

They offer a wide range of colors and patterns as cat species. We will try to distinguish between the various variants.

  • Oriental cat in solid colour. Solids are those whose bodies only have one color and their fur has no shaded or dark hues. It can be black, gray or white for oriental cats.
  • Oriental Cat Tortie . Spots of light colors, such as cream, brown, or beige, can appear on the base colour. It can also be one of the solid colors previously used.
  • Eastern cat smoke. The pigmentation at the base of these cats’ hair is very low. However, it increases towards the tips. The base of the hair is about a third white while the tips are a very intense shade in all its variations.
  • Oriental Cat Silver Tabby. The Tabby design is the same as the Tabby, but the base color of the Tabby is white/gray
  • Oriental bicolor cat . This cat can have any color, but its primary color is white. White can be used to cover up half of the body if it is bicolored. Harlequins can reach up to 80%, and the truck is virtually white with a few tiny specks. They can also be adorned with a reproach or smoke pattern.
  • Oriental long-haired cat. Contrary to the Shorthair, these cats have long hair. They are the result of crossing the Eastern Shorthair with the Balinese cat

Oriental cat care

The oriental cat doesn’t require special care. The oriental cat is strong and doesn’t suffer from any diseases.

She can live up to 15 years if she has good nutrition and is given veterinary care.

You may suffer from amblyopia

Strabismus can be a problem in oriental cats. Strabismus is an eyeball deviation that causes the eyes to not align properly. This does not affect their quality life.

This article will give you a brief overview of this lovely cat that is becoming more popular in homes all over the globe. Although it has its critics, this breed is not necessarily a bad one. It can be rejected for its unique appearance.

They are unique cats and are loved by many who have the privilege of sharing their lives. The oriental cat is known to be the most attentive to its owner. Is this true?

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