Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cat: personality, care and oddities The Russian cat is oneof one of the most famous cats because of its gorgeous appearance and distinctive characteristic. They are simple to take care of and have a strong personality However, they also have an interest that you’d want to know. We’ll discuss their history along with their character, … Read more

Siberian Cat

Siberian cat: characteristics and character The hides the Siberian cat,a very affectionate and close animal. If you’re looking to discover more about her take us on a journey back to her roots that showcases a mysterious cat, with a personality so unique you’ve never heard of Where did the Siberian cat come from? The Siberian cat … Read more

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat. . Viking cat? It is believed that the Norwegian Forest Cat can be classified as one of the most ancient recognized breeds. Let’s meet this cute cat more and discover its traits, personality as well as its antics, care and affection. Are you willing to join us? The Norwegian Forest Cat and the … Read more

Intruder Cat

Intruder cat: descendant of the Persian cat, very special The Persian cat is a similar breed to the Intruder cat . However, they are different in that they have short hair, large eyes, and a round head. The short-haired, intruder cat is distinctive They are a calm, sociable, and special pet that has been a favorite in many … Read more

Bengal cat

Bengal cat: is it a domestic or wild cat ? The Bengal catlooks a lot like a leopard or miniature tiger. However, they are calm and close to you. Let’s now get to know the Bengal catbetter: its personality, origin, traits and size. Let’s start. Bengal cat, stylish and unique They are hybrid cats. This means that … Read more

Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cat, why is it such a big cat? We are pleased to present the Maine Coon, one of the cats with the highest expectations ever since its inception. This review will cover its most notable features and oddities. We hope that you enjoy what we have to say. Maine Coon cat, very special cat … Read more

Shirazi Qat

This Persian cat is a beautiful example of elegance and natural excellence. Persian cats possess a unique effect. They can be arrogant or characteristic. But they won’t leave us unindifferent. We break down their characteristics below so you can stay and get to know them. This Persian cat is affectionate, cocky and full of aristocratic influence. Sometimes lazy, … Read more

Siamese Cat

A Siamese cat is something we all instantly recognize. The Siamese cat is distinctively chromatic and has intense blue eyes. However, its origins date back at least 500 years to Asia. This article will cover characteristics, oddities, and quality of the Siamese cat . Siamese cat origin Siamese cats were primarily found in temples and in the homes of … Read more

Oriental Cat

Oriental Shorthair Cat Do you know this breed of cat? Although the oriental cat is not well-known, it can still be seen with the naked eye and has different characteristics than other cats. Her long, sharp face and large, open ears make an Oriental short-haired or long-haired catunique. They hide many other things. We will reveal them … Read more

Birman cat

Birman All information on Birman cats. Burmese sacred cat, or Birman cat, also known as the Birman cat is a stunning cat breed that is distinct by its resemblance to that of Siamese cat, however with longer fur and, most importantly in the tip of their legs, which are white. This is particularly crucial in … Read more